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Originally Posted by Roysten View Post
I agree Saquist, for contrast though here's someone with a different opinion.
I thought about that too as I composed my previous post.
Ride had a husband and female partner. But it seemed that privacy was a rather large concern for her. She clearly didn't care for drama and controversy, she didn't want her name used as a rallying cry and didn't want to be pitied and made into a spectacle for cancer.

I agree with that.
That's a concept that goes over the heads of many activist. Not every forum is a battlefield for your cause. Not every public person wants to be propelled into that spotlight. Remembering who she was and what motivated her is important, Yes, and inspiring to women, gays or just repressed human being everywhere.

But also remember Sally Ride never made that Rallying Cry for civil liberties of pensions for gay and lesbian partners either. That's just like putting words in her mouth. I have no doubt she would have gone to the polls and voted on that proposition but that's much different than parading a poster in a place marking her passing. Does anyone see their funeral going like that? I'm sure that's not going to happen at her funeral. I'm sure she would have seen that as absolutely disruptive while people were commemorating her real life accomplishments.

That's the difference. Right place and Right Time.
This may have been the right time but a separate thread would have been better. But the poster with the slogan...and nothing else...Just so bare minimum as effort goes, nary a word on her as a person.

Right there Sally became a poster child...

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