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I should've analyzed my sentence structure before posting.

The b.s. wasn't in Sally Ride's partner's predicament. The b.s. was with the uncalled for agenda you had in this thread. This should've been about her accomplishments, not the plight of her partner due to some law.

As for Phase II, well, maybe I shouldn't have brought that up, but since I did, well, if they wouldn't try pushing the gay agenda so freaking hard on their fan films, I might still have some respect for it....but it seems to just be "in your face" with the whole deal.

The eps that I'd seen lately seem more about Kirk's newphew and his sexual preference than about the crew of the Enterprise and their adventures.

I have no problem with a gay character in Trek. I do have a problem when it becomes an agenda for soapboxing.

To be back on track, RIP Sally. May your loved ones find peace with the loss of you on this planet. You boldly went where no woman had gone before.

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