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Hi, guys,
Thanks for the discussion.

When I say: "I can understand both sides of the coin", allow me to clarify by saying that when I speak of understanding the students' position on this, (and perhaps I speak most naively ) I mean to say that I'm not sure how much they were aware of just what was going on.

In truth, something of this magnitude could not remain hidden forever, and some were likely to know. If that is the case, then indeed, I don't feel any empathy at all toward them (past or present). If the student body was even remotely involved in the cover ups...remaining silent for the name of the school...then I say to hell with 'em all.

But, if they did not know...well...I can also certainly see Saquist's point of view on this. Now they're acting and speaking selfishly. Oh, Gee, boo hoo...we have to lose all this clout. What will this do for our futures and careers in sports? What? Some kids were raped? Well, I'm sorry about that, but what about me?! What about MY future?! I'm a victim here hooooo.

Apparently, this is not the first time that Penn State has received hefty sanctions for misbehavior. If I read correctly, they had two years of sanctions levied against them for the selfish actions of Reggie Bush (appearently merchandising himself while in a student program).

But, the penalties leveled against them now, for criminal misconduct? has been said, hopefully it will send a strong message.

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