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Over here we had a far worse case of sexual abuse of children with not just one but many teachers actively involved. Here the issue seems to have been passive tolerance of other teachers.
I am the first one to emphasize that structural problems are often more important than individual actions but I fail to see what good crushing this football program achieves. It seems more like the usual steamy activism which is often fueled, to use your point from the gun debate, by a hysterical media.

Perhaps I am a rare idiot but to me it seems as if sexual violence or violence in general is tolerated in many places. People look away everywhere and perhaps ironically partly precisely because of this victim logic. To use my example about the mildly inappropriately behaving teacher who was just transferred from school to school, nobody wanted to the right thing, i.e. crush him and end his career, because of this false sensitivity "oh, I do not wanna be responsible for his suffering, I do not wanna make him a victim".
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