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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
I can understand both sides of the coin on this:
I can't. While institutional tolerance of these sexual crimes is undeniable (I still remember how a moderately inappropriately behaving teacher was just transferred from school to school when I was a kid) it doesn't justify collective punishment.
The second problem I have is the increasing amount of these humanitarian victimization games, i.e. you are only taken seriously if you are a victim. Take e.g. the students who now have less sports opportunities. If they wanna achieve anything they gotta play the victim card.
There are obviously ridiculous cases where the falsity of this victim came becomes clear, e.g. when a smoking or obese person blames companies who produce cigarettes or burgers for his predicament.
Furthermore this attitude is quite condescending to people who have actually suffered. They wanna be taken seriously and not eternally looked upon though a victim glass. I worked during my civil service year with handicapped folks and witnessed something similar: the mentally fit among these folks didn't like political correctness, they wanted to be made fun of, they wanted to be treated as equals.
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