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New Landing bay demo.

Much of this footage is reused from my previous video, but remixed to fit the mini-story.

It is "Captain's Patrol Day". It is a day where the regular Viper pilots get to rest, relax, recreate, or just get a lot of rack time, while the squadron commanders carry out the patrols of the day.

So, we have Captain Starbuck (Red Squadron Alpha) returning from his patrol. Athena is waiting for him on the flight line. To while away the time until his return, Athena watches Captain Boomer(Blue Squadron Alpha) go through some maintenance checks on his Viper with a couple of deck hands. Starbuck returns, and Athena runs to greet him. Apparently, the two have a lot to talk about.

Then, in the launch bay, Captain Sheba (Silver Spar Alpha) goes to her Viper to commence her patrol.

I really like how the bay turned out.

And everything you see here is "actor scale"...including the Big G that means "big sets" and "big ships".

Optional, behind the scenes annotation/text commentary included.


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