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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
The "we cannot tell the people the truth" ending of Dark Knight was already slightly authoritarian so it is hardly surprising that the sequel depicts left-wingers as violent villains without an actual plan. Furthermore the author of the Dark Knight comic, Frank Miller, is a pretty crazy right-winger and the idea of a rich guy beating up gangsters at night while sleeping during the day, when he could actually make a difference as CEO of his megacompany, is hardly a progressive setup to begin with.

"Batman is unable to see that the subjective crime he fights on a nightly basis is the direct manifestation of the objective crime he perpetrates on a daily basis."

So I basically agree yet it is not a personal but a structural problem. Nolan is not a reactionary fellow, he simply revealed the truth of Batman.
Thanks for that. I knew you would have something good to say on this topic. You get the same themes running through the Iron Man character, Marvel comics' version of a Wayne/Batman character. Tony Stark, a wealthy industrialist, who makes his profits as a manufacturer of high-tech weapons to governments, uses his genius and wealth to create an indestructible armor, that allows him to play superhero and save lives. Is this savior complex perhaps a by-product of the guilt created by profiting off of the deaths of thousands due to the business of Stark Enterprises?

Ariel Dorfman has written about how our cultural heroes re-inforce the myths and stereotypes our culture wants or needs for us to believe. In the case of Wayne/Batman, he seems to believe the solution to any social or political problem is more money, either for charity, or to support "good" politicians (Dent), or to buy more expensive toys to deal with crime. So Wayne/Batman is perpetuating the cultural myth that the hero is the guy with the most money. Hehehe.

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