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Well this is part of the problem in the film, Nolan throws a lot of economics based stuff into the film but he does it in a hugely hamfisted way.

The first thing is I don't believe communism has anything to do with this. For me, the actions taken are more an echo of the French Revolution instead and 'exile' replaces the guillotine after the sacking and rounding up of the rich. Again Nolan is trying to mirror the difference between the super-rich and the disparity between them and the rest. Kyle is supposed to represent the 99% probably but I don't think she quite works. I don't think the politics of the film are settled in as much as Nolan doesn't entirely pick a side here.

The problem with Bane is that he ends up nothing. He represents nothing because he has no goal or vision for Gotham and is only a henchman to Talia. In turn she is merely avenging her father. In this case, she isn't even a deluded fanatical follower. Just a daughter out for revenge. The reveal of her as the real villain instantly undoes everything Bane has previously said and done because it shows up he was really just having fun while the bigger plan unfolded.

But she's going to blow Gotham up anyway. So neither have much of a plan.

In all the films, someone is trying to destroy Gotham because that city is a metaphor for wider society. But none of them ever have much of a goal after that. Ras was simply going to repeat the cycle again, but Talia didn't even care to do that.
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