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Frankly I don't think that banner belongs here.
It's like you brought a picket sign for gay rights to a woman's wake. I think that's tasteless and classless. It wasn't even followed by intelligent and articulate reasoning. Everything has it's appropriate place and time and I fail to see how this banner could possibly serve to commemorate her contributions to something we can all respect which was her professionalism in a courageous endeavor risking her life to advance all of mankind in knowledge and understanding. When I say she was courageous I'm not sure many understand what that means. Ride was on the Challenger Disaster committee. She showed support for those who opposed a stubborn conservative culture that was and still is NASA. This, even before NASA would yet again commit another incredibly heinous act of negligence by disregarding engineering concerns of impacts on the space craft.

Sally Ride understood that privacy and sanctity were the same. Few knew about her battle with cancer or her sexual life. In order for different views to co-exist respecting the culture of others is just as paramount as respecting our rights as individuals. That's the difference between peaceful protest and riots, between million man marches and indecent parades, between Martin and Malcolm, diplomacy and war. It's too bad she didn't decide to speak on behalf of Gays and Lesbians because I think she could have really have represented them and negotiated with some much needed class and respect.

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