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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
I don't like thinking of Catwoman as incidental either, as I loved her in this. I doubt it would ever have occurred to me how easy it would be to remove her, had others not mentioned it.

I found the whole business with the pit to be superfluous, and if anything were to be taken out I would vote for that. The fact that is was halfway around the globe (something I don't even think I picked up on initially) just made it more distracting. I also didn't feel the pit was well enough visualized to get the point across. I mean he's climbing up a wall... then suddenly he's on top of a ledge (we skip over him climbing toward it) trying to jump onto another ledge. No clear indication that protrusions from the wall would suddenly stop, forcing him toward the ledge. I think it's that whole chunk of the middle act that leaves me feeling like I still don't (really) understand what all the chanting was about. ("Rise." Okay. Apparently that was it)
I recall Kevin making that point in his review about how far away this tunnel was and how Bruce makes it back seemingly without too much effort. it's a good point. I don't believe it's a plot hole unless you consider him being broke and destitute as being serious blockades to traveling across the globe.

The whole hole in the ground prison was a bit tried. I don't think it was awful but it was a definite tangent in the story to remove Wayne from the mix at the same time sparing his life and I always have a problem with stories whose vilain doesn't take the first oppourtunity for victory by killing the protagonist. If Joker did that..I wouldn't care because he's clearly mad and prefers the sport of the game rather than the victory or conclusion.

I wonder what this would have been like without that scene...without Bruce Wayne removed from the story.

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