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"This may be controversial but I'd have taken out Catwoman altogether, I agree with Kevin in that she seemed to be there simply to forward certain plot points, her own redemption arc is left wide open and instead she takes up a fair amount of airtime which could have been achieved easily enough without her. Bane being the henchman... it just invalidates him as a character and so he may as well have just not been there either, thinking about it everything he did could have been achieved by another of the mercenaries and instead he simply becomes the physical foil for batman,"~Roysten

I thought this was an interesting perspective. One that I found true only after I read it. Painful as it is to say, Cat was my favorite. What can I say but that I like strong women that don't bow to men. I liked the redemption story and I like the commonality between her and batman. Yes it's done alot but the common pain will always be there between those to characters. I think it would have reduced the movie to something more direct or too direct. But essentially you're right she wasn't quite that pivotal. (Although I don't think Batman would have been captured quite as easily)

But isn't it a question of which villianess was more necessary...Al Ghul's daughter or Catwoman. I like the idea of catwoman working for Bane, that made sense that she was just a henchwoman too...

I tried to sympathize with Talia's need to continue her father work but she and he were exiled. I'm with you on that. I ddin't quite buy the motivation to kill her self, Bane and all her cohorts. Most Villains have an exit strategy when they don't there is usually something more concentrated to the Revenge. Having her as an outkast of her father dilutes the raw rage of his death in my figuring.

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