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Originally Posted by rayq81 View Post
Nice find, thanks for posting
Omega finds good science. I think the Pluto Debate will go on for a while but ultimately I think there is a possibility that they'll discover more about planets that may overturn their current ruling.

Stars die because of Convection Lock. The sun will die because it's core is locked away from the rest of the Hydrogen envelope and will slowly begin to suffocate the core with heavy elements. Either the star has the mass to fuse them or not. Red Dwarfs have almost full access to all their hydrogen.
As a result they have the longest life spans, Longer than the age of the universe.

Red Drawfs are thought to be the most populous stars and yet the hardest to see stars in the Galaxy. They have a low temperature than their starlight radiation temperature, meaning these stars can have a gravitational force that that more than it's output of radiation.

Back to Pluto.
If Red Dwarfs are the most Populous Stars then Ice Planets like Pluto and the other Kuiper Belt Objects may be the most populous type of planetary bodies. They're maybe ICE GIANTS like Pluto out their circling those hard to see long living Red Dwarf stars.

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