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Sorry, but I still am adamant about being able to maintain a defense. Someone invades my home, it's a shot to the head if they do not surrender at gunpoint....and yes, they WILL be at gunpoint. Someone tries to take my life in public? I'll prefer to be the one sending the flowers, thank you very frakking much!

Too bad the days of everyone being able to carry personal defense have just gone out the window in many places. I'd rather be able to go down fighting, than to be caught undefensible in a chair. When your life is on the line because some jackhole opens fire on an unsuspecting crowd with you in it, you're gonna be wishing you had the means to defend yourself, and if possible, take this ****er out of the picture.

Metal detectors in all public places? Not only does that sound like something out of the Schwarzenegger version of "The Running Man", but it sounds like more "big government" bull****. I do not believe that crime will go down if everyone had their guns taken away by facist officials...I believe that criminals will simply find another way to carry out violent crime. Then what happens? We ban sticks and stones?

An armed society is a polite society. I've believed that ever since I was old enough to pick up a gun. If you don't know who's armed, you're less likely to act an asshole. It's not living in fear in this way. It's called keeping **** in check.

As for the asshat who did this heinous act...what I understand is that it took place in Colorado, and Colorado has no death-penalty. And of course, the guy will likely be tested for insanity, yada yada yada, and if and when sentenced, will likely be kept in isolation. I say "Hey, if Colorado doesn't have a death penalty, just let the frakker live in general population. See how long he lasts?"

What he did was not out of insanity. He clearly knew what he was doing. I don't give a frak what his sob story is of how he got to that point. To hell with him.

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