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Hey you'll find this one funny. One of the motors I rebuilt and reinstalled had to be pulled out again immediately. Had a mate helping me and I trusted him to install the piston rings!
No problem there except he put them in with the grooves all lined up!
Ha, that was one hell of an upset. Can only laugh about it now though.

The reason the motor had to be built was the way the van (Mazda Bongo Van) was designed the motor was receiving air through the engine frame channels that the body was mounted to. Got its air this way because the motor was in the rear, like a VW van.

The only problem was, I went through a flooded causeway out on a lonely road miles from anywhere and yes you guessed it water shot down the chassis channel and up into the motor. Stopped dead in its tracks. Lots of internal stuff like the pistons and con rods (I think they were corkscrewed!) were damaged. Spent the night in the van, lucky I had bed in the back. The local tow truck arrived the next morning. Someone must have reported they I was broken down. No mobile phones back then.

You gotta laugh!

The next TV Series should be called STARFLEET!
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