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Originally Posted by chator View Post
Besides the list we have the photos of Cumberpatch in Starfleet uniform, with human ears and forehead, making him a human, or human lookalike. So he's not a Horta, or Talosian. I suppose he could be a Q, but that race isn't established in J.J.'s alter-verse. So, if its one of those "named", it can't be Mudd, who dresses like a gigolo, or Trelane, who dresses like Liberace. It has to be Mitchell.

On the topic of villian, Peter Weller plays a villian in the movie according to this,
He could be a Talosian projecting to the crew an illusion, that would still need to be filmed.

If the only still of Vina from 'The Cage' had been released as the one where she has the picnic with Pike, that illusion still had to be filmed even though the characters true appearance was very different.
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