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Visual effects tech is supposed to be - not that one could tell from some of the effects shots in Webb's film though. Some of the work on the bridge sequence was terribly done.

I think the most commonly associated issue with the reboot was two fold.

The main one seemes to centre around the notion it had only been ten years since the first Raimi film and also only 5 since it ended. From what I picked up the general feeling was that it was too soon for a reboot (especially since the reboot's first half just goes over the same territory anyway) on that basis alone. But as films cycle ever faster maybe that's just an effect of how everything speeds up these days.

The second one was the fact that Spidey 4 became a totally botched project that essentially had the feel of Sony aiming for an easy cash grab and the cast a fat payday (I seem to remember Maguire was in line for something like $40 or $50 million) before it supposedly went south out of creative issues and arose like a phoenix into a new origin tale.

Essentially becoming a film that got made for the sake of it to keep the rights (the online chanting for Sony to lose the rights so they can revert to Marvel so that per their ideas Spidey can suddenly join The Avengers makes the heart sink at fandom sometimes but that's another fanwank mess that with luck will never happen) with them.

But that's why a lot of films get made. That is one reason Star Trek was made, but at least Paramount went about it less messily and got a decent team in to make it. Webb's film comes across as being much more slapped together to my reception of it.
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