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Yeah, I had read that a few weeks back pre release. I also read the various comments on the various boards regarding it. But since the screenplay of TASM is no masterpiece................I can't see how things could be made worse by them really. They are a writing duo that are flavour of the month just now. That happens. They'll cool eventually in hiring terms but at the moment they are 'in'. Obviously my opinion of them isn't quite as low as others may be but Spider-Man also isn't close to my heart would be the 'in fairness' caveat there about their hiring.

But even the fact he was rebooted was a complaint (a valid one probably) as well so soon.

Spider-Man is apparently Marvel's most popular character in general so blockbusters are exactly what all the other films have been anyway. This one seems to be doing decent business given it was getting a rough ride before it came out. Guess come 2014 the Spidey fans will find out.
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