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Originally Posted by Roysten View Post
As for Voyager... I won't go off on a rant but I think they missed every target in terms of what they set out to do, in many ways I see it as a much inferior TNG, when you watch DS9 and Voyager at the same time it's quite painful, such a shame the story qualities differed so much as the potential was enormous. Enterprise did play it a bit safe, especially to begin with, but IMO they were let down by the franchise sagging under it's own weight after so many years of continuous influx, people got bored.
I think Enterprise was the fifth series to do nothing special with the roles of the show and suffered from the worst acting in Trek. Frequently unimaginative it tried hard at looking different and not actually being different.

(YES KEVIN) I'm blaming Rick Berman again.
He himself self said that the series failed but of franchise fatigue but of course he doesn't think that was his fault. He never chose other avenues. Star Wars is just a great example of how mediocre story telling like most of Enterprise and Voyager can lift a genre. Lucas utilized cartoons and video games to great effect which raised it's profile massively. Trek never tried to compete in these areas. They never gave the TV market a rest. Trek's few video games were extremely labored, boring and cerebral and then target the younger audiences very well.

It's just more mishandling where just a small amount of insight could have given Trek the proper buoyancy to flourish.

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