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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
The wife isn't sick, the teacher is. He turns to crime to make sure his family is set after he's gone. And the show is so much more than what you describe. It's a character study. It's about the transformation of the main character.
While many people believe that character change is the best thing since sliced bread it is not in and of itself good or bad. Macbeth isn't better than Hamlet just because the protagonist changes.
Not coincidentally in the best TV show, The Wire, no character except for the mayor changes. Not coincidentally it is also not about fake moral dilemmas like selling drugs to sustain your family but the very social structures which necessitate such decisions.

We love stories about choice and change precisely because they do not exist in the real world. Unless you consider strawberry or chocolate cake as choice and "we need change" Obama as change.
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