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That rumour has popped up on a couple of websites now. But until confirmation comes...............

I think that character makes more sense than Khan in terms of Cumberbatch's appearance and I would have hugely less of a problem with it being him than if he were Khan. It does fit with yet more of the long standing rumours of who may crop up (since Mitchell was, I believe one of the 5 listed candidates on that news bit from about 18 months ago).

And I say that being fond of 'Where No Man Has Gone Before'.

I wonder if the Liithium refinery will now be on a 'different' Delta Vega. Lol! If it hadn't been stated that Alice Eve was playing a new character I would even think she could be the perfect Dehner as well. Same style blonde haircut and blue uniform in that photosnap a few months back.
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