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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
Let me know if you like it LCARS24.
It seems to be fully functional, unsually active for its number of members, and friendly, with support for large avatars, as well as images in signatures and posts. I was surprised to find a Welcome LCARS24 thread there.

"Like" is a pretty strong word for someone impossible to please, and I just took a quick look around, read some of the jokes, and found an analysis of Zek pretty thoughtful. So, yeah, not bad, to be honest, not that I'm a qualified forum critic. I never took even one class in comparative forum analysis. I can say, though, that I prefer the color scheme of this forum to that of any other I've seen, although I might be in a minority on that.

I was going to register on the Cyngus forum, but the last few times I looked it seemed very inactive.
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