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Originally Posted by LCARS 24 View Post
I tried the above link for Starbase63's Star Trek Logs but got a message "This page has been disabled."

He made no mention of troll No. 1 but said the post with the gun pointed was “hostile and obnoxious but not against the rules.” He also claimed that he had discussed the matter in a staff-only thread with other moderators and staff before posting. I didn’t want to argue. Mods have the power to do whatever they like. And I didn’t want to make a public stink about it, either. I just responded by PM that I had deleted by location, signature, and avatar and wouldn’t be posting on TrekBBS anymore. He didn’t answer.

That's very similar to my experience. A fairly belligerent member decided to make me a regular target. Whenever or however I responded to these comments was deemed wrong by this particular moderator.

It was like some kind of "contest" to see who would flame first.
The Troll got really bent out of shape because I stuck to syllogisms and dismantled his fallacies with surgical precision along with dismissing verbally anything was an attack and the moderator said he didn't like that I was debating not "discussing".

The guy is purposely walking a line of flaming and you're concerned with my use of classical debate strategies?

Of course me and the moderator had discussions that were completely fruitless. They banned me for a day as a display of power. The next day I told them to ban me permanently. Which was A WHOLE OTHER battle for the next week.

I'm not offended easily but I do rise to a challenge.
It absolutely offends me for a moderator to believe I will give up my sense of RIGHT and WRONG, just to socialize with others about some franchise...

Once Burned Twice Shy.

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