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Originally Posted by NCC-73515 View Post
Simple: found new particle, likely the Higgs boson. Could also be something completely new. The Higgs in theory gives other particles their mass, which explains why some have a lot of it and some have no mass at all.
The Background

In Particle Physics everything is represented by a subatomic particle.
There are two classes of particles. Matter and Energy officially called Fermions and Bosons

The Four Elemental Forces of the universe are thus Bosons too.

Electromagnetic Force:
AKA Light : Officially called The Photon
The Strong Force: The energy that binds atoms (Where Fusion and Fission come in the game) officially called The Gluon.
The Weak Force:
(The energy of radioactive decay that creates radioactive energy from elements like Uranium and Plutonium) Officially called the "W" Boson and the "Z" Boson
The Gravitational Force: Officially called The Graviton

For Example:
An Electron is a Fermion. When it lowers it's orbit around it's atom (like the shuttle losing speed to go into a lower orbit) it must bleed off energy. That energy leaving the Electron is called a Photon.


The Higgs Field and it's Boson
The simple explanation is we're looking for "Space Air". Air planes fly through the air like electrons and other particles fly through the Higgs Field. Air planes have to fight aerodynamic drag just like particles like the electron have to fight Higgs Field drag.

The Higgs Boson would thus be a particle of "Space Air". It's like finding proof of the literal "fabric of space"

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