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Originally Posted by chator View Post
What was really weird after that film came out was hearing young women at my work talking about how they liked the movie, and by implication Star Trek. Prior to that I heard one young girl at my college say that she liked Star Wars but not Star Trek, because Star Wars was cool, but Star Trek was for nerds!
Liking the movie or not, this film proved the general public wrong. This film made Trek fresh to the average movie goer and it was so nice to hear that people became more interested in Star Trek after this film came out. But yeah, I would read Star Trek books all the time in elementary school and middle school and I wouldn't care what people thought about me. It was something I really enjoyed and that is what made me happy. I remember in 8th grade I did a presentation on Star Trek and even though one person called me a geek, someone else came to my defense and said that Star Trek was cool. Put a smile on my face. But yeah, it bugs me how people compare Star Wars to Star Trek. Totally different things! It's like, if Star Wars didn't start with the word "Star", then no one would put those two together.
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