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Originally Posted by chator View Post
What was really weird after that film came out was hearing young women at my work talking about how they liked the movie, and by implication Star Trek. Prior to that I heard one young girl at my college say that she liked Star Wars but not Star Trek, because Star Wars was cool, but Star Trek was for nerds!
Is a bit annoying in some respects, shame the film didn't come out a decade earlier! When I was at school I was originally very vocal about liking Star Trek, it got me a bit of a reputation as a nerd and so through the later years of high school, college and uni I really toned it down and kept it quiet for fear people would label me a nerd. These days I'm a lot more comfortable with myself and anyone who decides to try and pick fun at me liking Star Trek I just don't associate with them, luckily they are few and far between and generally maturity comes with age.
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