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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
I said this in the thread, but I wouldn't necessarily assume this extended episode (and yes, 20 minutes seems like a lot to have never heard of this before) is getting the full HD assembly treatment. It could just be a BluRay extra. In standard SD resolution. And in second generation SLP-speed VHS quality at that. While the regular 46-minute episode is what gets the full HD treatment.

It's possible.
It's a while since I looked at that specific page, but the MA entry for the episode seems to state that a 'significant' amount of footage was cut from the episode. However, I have my suspicion that that has been more recently updated by someone.

I've certainly heard often enough of TV episodes which run long and have to be cut down a lot (I think the commentary for the season 2 episode of 'Angel' called 'Are you now, or have you ever been?' mentions that they had to cut 9 minutes out of that episode for broadcast in 2000 because it ran too long) to be aired, but that is a lot of material if it's the case.

The impression seems to be that may be trying to remaster it, but if it was cut then maybe it won't have survived all that well.

Or maybe it could be some sort of branching special edition on the Blu-ray where you can watch the originally aired version and then the longer cut in a rougher restoration.
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