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This is the version most people over here are familiar with. I do not know whether it is actually better than the Director's Cut, I only faintly remember that there are more character scenes and that a six-part miniseries enhances of course the feeling of familiarity with these folks.

About Akula's points, it is indeed helpful to remind oneself that not everybody was a nazi back then. I have grown up in a village and one day somebody in the family told me that a particular pub in the village was actually a well-known meeting place for gay folks during the nazi reign (and probably already during Weimar). And they obviously got away with it.
On the other hand I do not like the public emphasis on resistance by people like Stauffenberg. Yes, these guys weren't nazis and they tried to stop Hitler's self-destructive madness but they did not stop his rise to power and were initially totally with the nazis.
So the distinction between honourable WWI soldiers and wicked nazi troops is artificial at best. Without the former the latter would have never come to power.
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