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Our universe is expanding toward one tiny little pin that lies at azimuth 323, declination 12 degrees, distance 50 parsecs. When the edge of the universe reaches that pin, it will pierce the fabric of the universe, causing it to slowly deflate. Eventually, our universe will be too small to hold all its contents, and we will like in a black, deflated bag with all the planets, stars, galaxies, space junk and spatial phenomena all cluttered together. As long as our planet is somehow miraculously left to spin, and is not pushed too far toward our sun, we ought to be alright, and the sky will look awfully weird.....but that's a real narrow chance there. We will most likely end up a collective mush of life. We will be the flotsam and jetsam of ourselves, squishing our way through and around all the other objects that have been jammed together.

But don't worry, I don't think it'll happen in our lifetime.

(I keed...of course...actually it probably will happen in our lifetime.)

(Again, I keed.)

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