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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
Being apart of forum is much like an endorsement of those administrators and their policies. LCARS24 told me he was having problems with the TrekBBS and I was unsure if his claim was valid until I saw the favoritism at work. Same thing with gateworld who censored just about anything negative against Stargate as well as a heaping helping of member favoritism.

I consider banning myself a full withdrawing of my support.
I'm very serious about it because it's my name and I'm the only one with the name.
Joining a forum usually entails an agreement to follow the site's Terms of Use and any individual rules the site has set up. It does not include an allegiance to the admin team, just simply to abide by the rules.

As far as my admin/mod team, it's changed many times since the beginning. Yes, most are part of the team because I've come to trust them (like my two associate admins who are two of the people I've known the longest on the net and trust with having keys to my site) and mods are either a matter of trust or people who have earned the job, like sonofspock1 who recently stepped down, if it weren't for him I would have closed STL down a long time ago during the slow times. Zardoz became a mod when one of the others stepped down because he showed he had experience with the position, but he's been MIA for some time.

Trust in the people you add to staff isn't necessarily an example of elitism, in our case it's who I feel I can both trust and trust to do the job and serve the community.

And thanks for the props, Roysten, it's something I've tried hard to achieve...
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