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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
Being apart of forum is much like an endorsement of those administrators and their policies. LCARS24 told me he was having problems with the TrekBBS and I was unsure if his claim was valid until I saw the favoritism at work. Same thing with gateworld who censored just about anything negative against Stargate as well as a heaping helping of member favoritism.

I consider banning myself a full withdrawing of my support.
I'm very serious about it because it's my name and I'm the only one with the name.
Member favoritism is perhaps THE most recurring problem on forums.
Forums usually keep a popular elite few at the top these are usually the same people that become moderators. They have relationships with them, learn to trust and side with them even if they step down from modding. To us it looks innocuous but some of these individuals are real life friends and not anonymous member tags.

Then there is the JADE factor. Gateworld and TrekBBS have processed so many trouble makers that but of the top administrators had a very dour attitude toward individual problems. I truly think it was wearing on them down and they had lost their enthusiasm in some ways.

But as hard as I imagine it is. Every case has to be treated with distinction. In stead of like an all powerful hand. The Red Shirt Moderators here were pretty good. She realized that we were here by choice and like of the franchise and their film. That's how it should be done. Sometimes you have to bring the book down true and I can't blame them for doing what needs to be done.

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