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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
Being apart of forum is much like an endorsement of those administrators and their policies. LCARS24 told me he was having problems with the TrekBBS and I was unsure if his claim was valid until I saw the favoritism at work. Same thing with gateworld who censored just about anything negative against Stargate as well as a heaping helping of member favoritism.

I consider banning myself a full withdrawing of my support.
I'm very serious about it because it's my name and I'm the only one with the name.
I never realised it could get so bad. Fair enough really, I think in such a situation I'd probably do much the same.

We try to stay within a PG-13 range for the most part...language is self-moderated, and pretty much everyone uses discretion.
Not that I've posted a great deal but I've not had any problems at STL, you obviously take pride in it SB63.
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