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Not surprised you haven't heard of them. They're both obscure, especially USS President which was the name of 2 warships that served in the US Navy at the same time. Both ended up captured by the British. I'm aware of 6 ships in to have born the name USS Congress. The most famous was the 4th ship launched in 1841. The only reason she is known to me is because she was one of 2 blockade ships sunk by the CSS Virginia.

Interestingly enough, Enterprise is a fairly common name. If the US Navy wants to abandon the name, many others will carry it on. The Royal Navy arguably has held the name longer than the US Navy, the most recent one launched in 2002. I would hate to think that the admiral you mentioned would end up proving the rather snide remark that one of the beef eaters at the Tower of London once made to me and a friend that unlike, Americans, the British hold on to their traditions to be quite true. Well...Actually...He certainly didn't get any argument from me at the time...And he still wouldn't get any argument from me at the time. Not that I'm the kind of person to hang on to tradition for the sake of tradition.

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