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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
The only thing is that your CG's don't come off as amateur, they use good transistions, thought with camera work and good voice overs that aren't monotone or drag on. The writing is competent (at least this far) with a purpose and order. For what it represents nothing betrays it as being half done.
Most kind, sir. Thank you.
If anything, I try to think: "What would such and such a director do? Or, how would such and such an actor say this?"

But, sometimes I do run into technical when the program (iClone) starts to bog down (because I start thinking a bit TOO now I'm finding other workarounds to accommodate my imagination) and I have a rough time getting the timing down for certain shots, and then I end up doing a retake, after thinking the problem through.

I've had some great (although they don't know it) teachers on the technical and writing side. George Lucas (for sheer visual style), Jim Cameron (for visuals AND attention to detail), Nicholas Meyer and Ridley Scott (for pacing), Tom Clancy (writer, for detail and realism).

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