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We try to stay within a PG-13 range for the most part...language is self-moderated, and pretty much everyone uses discretion.

My policy is, you come and go as you please. if you come for a few days and don't come back for a week, a month...that's up to you. If you decide you want to leave, I leave your account open just in case you change your mind. It's happened several times. Unless, like in Coughlin's case, you have some kind of security concern, then I will delete the account at your request. Otherwise, I do periodically cull inactive accounts. I'm not interested in showing a lot of members...I could say I had 472 and never delete the dead wood, but we're currently at 265. I'm more interested in a higher active percentage than quantity of names on the roster.

Post counts are equally of little importance. Members are welcome to import their total from their previous home if they choose.
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