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It's a move that is far too late. The quality of the show's writing and special effects have always been 3 TIERS above it's acting. While Cawley isn't bad, it needs much better and he helped me appreciate how difficult acting is.

The surrounding cast is awful except for the new Checkov that CAN actor and looks exactly like a young Walter Koenig. Except for him change everyone, Including that nerdy looking Spock and Bloated McCoy is absolutely imperative.

I would have watched the series more if it weren't pushing the gay agenda so hard. For a long time every episode was a continuous string on this topic. (I tuned out everytime) Star Trek wasn't about Kirk's nephew and should never have dedicated so many precious and EXPENSIVE episodes to him in the first place. That should have been SO background and along those lines the Fan Series Phoenix also went too far with the sex...Every time the bad "gal" was featured it was with a Greezy teeny concubine of some kind and the make-up and actors were so bad it just flings you out of suspended belief.

If only these series could be more objective and use more moderation, more class and a higher standard of acting they themselves could have boosted Trek's profile because many of them have an incredible amount of potential. Their main problem is the ACTING, STATIC CAMERA ANGLES (FEW CLOSE-UPS) and the BABY FACE ACTORS.

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