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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
Indeed, I hesitate to make that investment when this is supposed to have been my favorite genre reborn. Instead it's reincarnated Star Wars. And I'm disappointed enough at Star Wars. What an awful combinations of disappointments.
I agree to an extent. I am a Star Wars fan as well. I wasn't impressed with episode 1. Ep2 was a little better. And Ep3 was killer. Of course the original trilogy can never be equaled by any newer incarnation of Wars. However, Wars and Trek are technically of two different genres. Trek is Science Fiction while Wars is Science Fantasy. The two are almost like oil and water. They shouldn't mix. Abrams has attempted to inject way too much Star Wars into Star Trek and has thus destroyed what Star Trek is. He has diluted Trek's uniqueness by making it just another generic action/adventure/stuff go boom flick for the short attention span generation. And that makes me very angry. And sad.

Originally Posted by chator View Post
YOu forgot about this guy:

Scotty's Gremlin and all the other Star Warsish aliens. Maybe having aliens that don't look too human isn't such a bad thing.

I Am Zim, do you have an account on Many anti-Abrams Trek, Trek fans on that message board.
Ah. Forgot about Jar I do hate that little munchkin. And I do have an account at, I just haven't been there is quite some time.
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