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Originally Posted by I-Am-Zim View Post
I have to agree with this one. Of course I'm biased as a HUGE DIE HARD TOS FAN

You for got "Punch it" from Star Wars.
Sound effects from Star Wars.
The Alderaan scene from Star Wars.
The cantina scene from Star Wars.
Ice Planet Delta Hoth from Star Wars.
Sectioned bridge view windows from Star Wars.
Fuzzy, flickering holographic displays from Star Wars.
Long range sensors that apparently don't work at FTL from Star Wars.
Ceti eels from TWOK.
And many others simply for dramatic license.
YOu forgot about this guy:

Scotty's Gremlin and all the other Star Warsish aliens. Maybe having aliens that don't look too human isn't such a bad thing.

I Am Zim, do you have an account on Many anti-Abrams Trek, Trek fans on that message board.
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