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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
To me, the best Trek stories were definitely the TOS era ones, because they DID find that middle ground.
I have to agree with this one. Of course I'm biased as a HUGE DIE HARD TOS FAN

Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
Yeah there was alot of "LOVE" in the last of Star Wars and a love of dramatic license.

Not necessarily bad but in this case it was.
Building ships on the ground for dramatic license
Star Wars Warp jump for dramatic license
Lens flares for dramatic license
Villain compromises for dramatic license
Reality compromise for dramatic license

What ever happened to creating drama by means of just plain good writing...why all this cheating. Abramss talks a good game but I'm not falling for this again.
You for got "Punch it" from Star Wars.
Sound effects from Star Wars.
The Alderaan scene from Star Wars.
The cantina scene from Star Wars.
Ice Planet Delta Hoth from Star Wars.
Sectioned bridge view windows from Star Wars.
Fuzzy, flickering holographic displays from Star Wars.
Long range sensors that apparently don't work at FTL from Star Wars.
Ceti eels from TWOK.
And many others simply for dramatic license.

I won't be falling for it either. I will not see his next Trek parody in the theater. I may...possibly...see it when it comes out on one of the movie channels. But it's unlikely. Abrams/Paramount will get no more money from me.
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