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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
An Admiral on the commission has verbally shot down the Enterprise for Christening and will likely continue the trend of naming the carriers after political constituents...likely just to get the influence they need for the defense budget that's getting some rather unpleasant flack from the JSF projects problems and the costly Zumwalt Destroyers.

Particularly he didn't like it's connection with Star Trek either which he eluded to disgracing the name.
Right, I just saw that. It's not the first time that they've named ships for political reasons. That's the main reason why every 688-class except for maybe one was named after a major city.

Didn't even realize the Zumwalt was back in the works. I thought that disaster died years ago. Well I suppose that's not entirely true. They just reinvented it with the DDX. As for JSF, that was just a bad idea from its very inception. Trying to spin it as a "lower cost" alternative to the F-22 didn't help either. It left the F-22 in the dust a while ago in terms of cost.

As far as the name...It's the oldest name in the US Navy with a history that really is unlike any other ship in the fleet, particularly during WWII. If he can't see past a pop culture reference to the importance that name has in his own Navy then quite frankly it's not a problem with the name, it's his problem. A ship's name should have meaning like Yorktown, Lake Champlain, Bob Hope, John Paul Jones, Higgins, Mercy, Comfort, Bunker Hill, and on occasion a political figure such as Washington or Lincoln. But I digress. Afterall I'm nothing more than a puddle pirate. Hell we have a buoy tender named the Henry Blake, the first lighthouse keeper at New Dungeness.

"Don't confuse facts with reality."
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