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Originally Posted by chator View Post
Some on the set photos of Cumberpatch battling Spock and Uhura have been leaked online. Cumberpatch doesn't look "scary" to me in those shots. In fact, he doesn't even look like an alien. Maybe his performance is "scary"? I don't know what to make on Kurtzman's comments. Scary, to me, in Star Trek, meant villians like the Borg, or Species 8472. I never found human looking villians like the Q, Trelaine, even Khan "scary".
Have you seen Benedict Cumberbatch act? Of course it's going to be his performance. He's just not the kind of actor ANY career-conscious director is going to want to cover up. He has this thing where his whole performance is simply trying to convince you that he is better at acting than anyone else. And he has pretty much everyone convinced.
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