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I would love to join another forum but I realized that I don't like moderators.

I've found they don't know what to do with me and we usually end up in conflict. The track record isn't good. I've realized I don't like people in power. They make bad decisions as a rule and it's the reason I would never, ever, ever... want to be a boss, moderator or any sort of authoritative official. So far I've chucked a number of forums.

File Front: (officially banned myself)
Sci Forums (officially banned myself)
Trek BBS (officially banned myself)
Gateworld (The most ridiculous to date. I tried to officially ban myself but she was so stubborn I had to harass her just to get my password scrambled due to having a number of my art pieces on the site and to lock-up the "Saquist" name (at least to some degree).
SGU Sucks: Inactive: The site is extremely crass and uncensored (seeking ban)

Sci Fi Mesh Forums
: Active
Bridge Commander Central Forums: Active
Bridge Commander Files: Active
Star Trek Official Movie Forum: Active

Forums are places where people of the same mind get together to talk about their interest. Generally they don't care for nonaligned thinking. I learned in the past 5 years I cause too much irritation. My family says the same thing. Too factual, too arrogant (whether true or not the comment has been common), and too logical. And because I dislike dishonesty and by default politically correctness I can sometimes understand why.

For Contrast my Boss calls me..."Kid-like" and he's one of few that understand my personality So I don't think there is any better place for someone like me than an abandoned Forum with a few easy going individuals on board.

So Starbase63 that's the reason I haven't joined your forum.
My prejudice tells me I would have the same problem. I've seen some extremely bad moderators and I realise (even though it may not be true of you.) Moderator = Dictator

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