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My place was started at the beginning of 2006 when things were looking a bit grim at, and just kind of puttered along until after CBS started the "new" and started shoving people out the door.

In July 2010, STL had only about 10,000 posts in four years, pretty anemic as far as message boards go. But from then on when people started leaving (either willingly or not), STL has been continuously active, and we are at this moment at 228,019 posts.

In the period between June 7th and June 13th alone, STL had a gain of 4,326 posts while had a gain of 836 posts. The recent spam attacks at and the admin team's somewhat clumsy attempts at blocking them have made it difficult for the regulars there to post freely. We've had a few more come over from there in the past few days.

We have forums dedicated to the Conventions, fanfics and fan films (including the big giys like Phase II and Farragut, as well as the upcoming Excalibur and Star Trek Begins)...and we of course try to keep up to date with news about ST2013.
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