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Originally Posted by Gary Seven View Post
Welcome to my town. Check out the Arena District and the Short North, Easton and High Street at The Ohio State University campus.

Have a great time and I hope the weather holds. Forecast calls for clear skies with highs in the mid-50's.
You should come out for the game I hear there are still plenty of tickets and the atmosphere is going to be top notch. This will be my second time in Columbus, the first was last year for the TFC vs. Columbus match but we only had 150 people go down then. On that trip we visited the Arena district and it was pretty fun but unfortunately we didn't have a lot of time for sight seeing and I don't think we will this year either. We are leaving Toronto at 5:00am on Saturday and going straight to Columbus Crew Stadium where we will stay until 6:30pm. The rest of the night is reserved for drinking and sleeping and then we are on our way home at 11:30am Sunday. It will be fun though.

Originally Posted by jerhanner View Post
The kind that drink beer and hit things. I know I've met some hockey hooligans, I just wondered if there was any crossover!
I'm sure there are a few among the group that engage in such activities but the majority is pretty civil. I personally enjoy the sauce but I'm quite the positive, happy drunk and rarely find the need to hit anything. If you want to see some real football hooliganism check out "The Real Football Factories" the guys featured on that show are the most extreme examples, North America is quite calm for hooliganism.
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