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Supposedly, the upcoming Colonial Marines game will be 'canon' with the four Alien movies and (at this point I would say most likely) Prometheus.

When I spoke with Randy Pitchford, Gearbox CEO and major Aliens franchise fan, it wasn’t long before he landed the first dropship of awesome in my lap: He told me that the upcoming FPS, Aliens: Colonial Marines (A:CM), is a continuation of the first three Aliens films. It takes place shortly after the events of Aliens and Alien 3, and it’s fabulously and officially 20th Century Fox-approved canon.

One, the Sega-published shooter has been inducted into the “official canon” of the Alien universe by 20th Century Fox. Chris Faylor, the Community Manager for developer Gearbox Software, told us that all previous expanded universe material (including the novels, the comics, and all the Alien vs Predator stuff) has been thrown out. The only productions currently considered canon are the first four films (yes, even Alien 3), Aliens: Colonial Marines, and maybe Ridley Scott’s Prometheus (since there’s still the possibility it’s not a prequel).

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