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My personal preferences are not offended. It might be a legitimate problem that my level of experience with 'Star Trek' has kind of immunised me to 'senseless' scenarios and what on the face of it might be actions that I wouldn't do myself or could be seen as bad ones.

I would allow that, but I just don't feel any of your suggestions make the scene better or invest it with more sense. I think Robau does what he can to try and balance the situation of his ship being held hostage, of trying to obtain answers to who has him and to also leave clear orders with the next in line if he doesn't return. It seems to be part of the recurring motif of Captain's being faced with the possibility of death and coming to accept that and their possible death in a no-win situation that Spock refers to in the early part of the film. All the Captains in the film face a moment where no way out seems achievable. I think that's intentional and it plays out differently for each man. Now, someone out there might have good and workable suggestions for modifying the scene or scenario in a way that improves it but they don't seem to be here.

So yeah, I think there's nowhere else to go with it until the next time you bring Robau up again.
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