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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I'm afraid that I don't know all of the excerpts of dialogue you list there but on paper some of them appear rather overwritten and waffle-filled, yes.

The one from 'Yesterday's Enterprise' is fine, though. It's short and sweet. The rest I would need some sense of why they are being made. And I like Picard's in 'The Drumhead'.

This could be a personal matter. I'm not and never have been the type of person to glow and get all warm and fuzzy at big powerful speeches about various things. Not that I can't be, of course - I'm not totally immune to such things. They are hard to make good and (perhaps ironically) I'm more a fan of 'the shorter the better'. It's a ship's bridge..........not a stage. I think it's because you're trying to square the circle of a scene that doesn't make sense to you that you're trying. I'm not trying to fix the scene because I think it plays fine as it is. A speech by Robau just doesn't fix this in the way you seem confident it does. Probably because you and I have different needs here.

And the Bill Pullman speech is also cringeworthy for me. I'd rather just get my head down and do whatever needs to be done and skip those parts.

I think anything stupid needs fixing, Kevin. That's just the way I am. That scene entertained you. (That's Great) but it was still senseless in every meaning of the word. And if I'm fighting your personal preferences then I'll stop now but I was hoping you could share some enlightenment on fixing the stupid, not maintaining it...within the bounds or the artistry of the cinematic scenes that you enjoyed.

I place those excerpts above because they are some rather famous pieces of dialouge in theire respective genre. I had a feeling Picards Yesterdays Enterprise would have your approval...just as Matrix' Mass Effect, Lord of the Rings, and Mircale on Ice have clout with their respective fans. Millions love these moments and I think for good reason.

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