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It's not really defense. It's simply a point of view across the whole franchise that I've come to possess through twenty years of exposure to it. I like the franchise as a whole, but I see no reason to single out this film in respect of problems that are franchise wide. They afflict the whole, not just the last.

For example - were I to agree for the purposes of the example, that Robau acted in a completely stupid manner and I couldn't get past that stupidity (or any of the other supposed stupidity therewith)? Fine. I've decided I can't get past that and my enjoyment of the film suffers as a result.

What am I supposed to do then with every other stupid decision I think characters make the rest of the time? If I was taking the approach I just did with Robau then I would pretty much not be able to enjoy a lot of things so why would I even be watching it to start with?

Individually, I think people have to decide how they will approach these things. I think very simply for instance, yours and mine differs greatly.

If I allow myself to generally accept those circumstances in TOS and Star Trek as a whole..............well, let's just say that from my observation people who keep some who raise faults in respect of the last film tended to be those not overly impressed by it to begin with. And yet, it never seemed to be a problem before. So, I can only assume the disliking of the film plays a part from their perspective. Maybe I'm totally wrong.

But obviously we all do tend to single these things out sometimes. Some things do go beyond the ability for each of us to suspend disbelief enough. It does end up a bit repetitive because even acknowledging at times things in Trek that seem unreasonable it still doesn't always mean being unable to enjoy every film or TV episode.

If you want logic in everything that is onscreen, put simply you perhaps should not watch Star Trek. You're not going to find what you seem to prize doing so. And if something isn't giving you what you need..................
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