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I think it's quite correct that there are films and TV shows where you can watch and as a viewer you can instinctively tell that someone has put in the effort behind the scenes to invest it with something that seems to come across as being more plausible, yes.

I think Cameron and Nolan are amongst the examples of that.

I don't necessarily always think that films that I would say I 'like' all have acceptable plots. Whatever that means and I highly imagine you and I would have a totally different opinion on 'acceptable'. They don't.

The major thing with Trek is that it's run for much longer. It's not one director making one film every seven or twelve years who has the time, money and luxury to go and invent technologies specifically for his films and develop his stories and wait fifteen years to make his film. That's a rare luxury. At one point, Star Trek was essentially a film and TV production line with all the fatigue and problems that can be associated with what was also essentially thematic repetition as well.

And on that basis, I think it's also entirely applicable that at times watching Trek one could also feel that that effort you mention had slipped or been overlooked.
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