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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
We cannot judge the Kelvin incident by current day standards though. Likely the protocols for dealing with deep-space, first contact scenarios, especially hostile ones, would probably be different in the far future
We really can't judge how Starfleet does anything in any time frame because of it's tendency to pick and choose when to 'seem' to resemble something contemporary and then when it goes off on it's own 'dramatic license' tangent and comes up with something totally different.

Like the oft-debated families on starships. It is a fictional universe and a fictional service at the end of the day.

By the standards of protocol likely set forth in Trek's 23rd century timeline, Robau acted as correctly as he could.
Which, given how often Kirk got himself in trouble by going into situations unprepared would seem to be the case.

Which also ties into certain dramatic license elements I mentioned on another thread. If we take one of the BIG procedurally suspect conciets on Star Trek (the series) we have the most famous one of all.

That on an almost weekly basis the three most important and vital people on the ship beam down to planets and environments which have often not been fully surveyed or charted and then something goes amiss and either they or the ship find themselves in danger as a result. Actions they repeat on an alarmingly regular basis!

In no contemporary service or military (now or even as far as I can tell even in the 60s) that I can think of would such senior important officers ever be allowed anywhere near danger or risk in that manner right off the bat. There are people sent in to do that instead and they stay back on the ship where it's safe. But in the pursuit of licence viewers have accepted that it was perfectly normal for Kirk to get himself into a mess frequently because of that action!

Which at least was a situation that TNG fixed to a degree.

This is really nothing to do with any larger themes or ideas at play, but a symptom of the licence with which Star Trek (like almost every TV show and film to some level) has always operated on on a nuts and bolts plot structure level. Sadly I must be of the long term opinion that if we're looking for every plot or event in Star Trek to make sense.................well, I think we'll probably have invented Warp Drive for real before that happens.

It just comes down to what you can (or are) willing to suspend/accept in the pursuit of watching it all.

(And as a general aside, I don't think turning Robau into some sort of pre-emptive-super-soldier-come-suicide-bomber would have invested the film with any more sense either.)
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