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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Star Trek as a series never quite burdened itself with a whole of plot sense or logic in it's life. Not really. Not if you want to pop the hood and really root around. But there are definitely episodes that went too far over the 'middle line' in the silly direction. Not many went in the other direction. It's pretty much middle or way over it and Abrams couldn't have invented dramatic license in Trek if he tried to.

It's only when we don't like the individual results (be they Nemesis or Abrams) that we trot out all the reasons why it's this and that (I know that because I DO it myself) and...........well, yawn.
I can agree with that.

I just assumed the middle ground in this case was between entertaining and pretentious/pseudo-intellectual. I wasn't thinking of actual intellect or logic. My bad.

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